About Us

Houston International Network is the Info Delivery System designed by Houston Language Bank, a nonprofit communications project of the Asian Community Support Services Center, Inc. (ACSSC).

ACSSC board leadership and volunteer staff have provided targeted critical response messaging for diverse language communities of Greater Houston for four decades.

Targeted vital public information delivered in-language for:

2010 US Census
2000 US Census
1990 US Census
US Justice Department
US Department of Commerce
Houston Police Department
Houston Department of Planning & Development
Houston Health Department
Seabrook Police Department
Houston-Galveston Area Council
Houston Area Women's Center
Houston Independent School District
Texas Public Utility Commission
Texas State Comptroller
Texas Secretary of State
Council of Asian American Organizations
Refugee Services Alliance
Vietnamese Fishermen's Association
Asian Merchants of Houston


Ms. Yani Rose Keo
Dr. Daniel Watanabe
Mr. Michael Chou
Ms. Glenda Joe

Advisor Network

Mr. David Kahne
Mr. Ernst McGowen, Jr.
Mr. Tran Nguyen
Mr. C.Y. Kim
Mr. Daniel Bustamante
Ms. Miriam Issa
Mr. Koshy Thomas
Ms. Akiko Watanabe
Ms. Yasmena Samahy
Mr. Jerry Wood
Ms. Dana Hable
Ms. Rathna Kumar
Ms. Yasmena Samahy
Dr. Steve Murdock
Dr. Mike Cline
Dr. Stephen Klineberg

Houston International Network Staff:

Ms. Phan Duy
Mr. Jimmy Nguyen
Ms. Fanjing Jennifer Greene
Mr. Tim Keo
Ms. Kathy Glasgow
Ms. Danielle Surkatty
Mr. Tony Joe Yeung
Ms. Mai Le