Deep Reach

Deep Reach Community Partnership

- Community-based communications network

Intervention Strategies

Identify, Interrupt & Re-Direct At-Risk Individuals
Prior to Radicalization

Targeted Intervention Model                 

  • Multidisciplinary Working Partnership
  • Comprehensive Strategies
    • Safe Communication Feedback Loops
    • Trust-Building Initiatives

Communication & Trust Deficits - Early Threat Identification

Diverse communications strategy is not Homeland Security's area of expertise.

Currently, our region's Homeland Security's primary resource focus is on law enforcement response and intelligence gathering for threat assessment.

Our City needs the comprehensive communications / information network to reach deeply into our communities to assist law enforcement, families and communities in identifying, intervening in or reporting conduct / comments that might require attention or intervention.

The threat continues to morph from foreign-born to native born, from organized cells to lone wolves.  The targets continue to morph from civilians to law enforcement.  As recent mass shootings instruct us, the homeland threat that we face and can address, as Houstonians, is that of the 'lone wolf'.

Common denominators that tend to present are depression, disconnection, disaffection, domestic violence and access to guns.  Not all these individuals become a lone wolf threat.

Too often after a tragedy, we learn there were friends, family or coworkers close to these individuals that had seen/heard something or had an inkling of their intentions.  The reasons they did not report included fear of the police; fear of arrest; fear of retaliation; fear of public exposure and not knowing what they should do or who to contact.

Trust Construction - Grass Roots Engagement

This Deep Reach Community Partnership is a proactive initiative designed for trust building, open and safe 2-way communication channels, and culturally resonant vital info messaging.  This partnership facilitates reporting.

The entrenched trust deficit HLB's Deep Reach Community Partnership addresses brings together all stakeholders for common cause.  Comprehensive, proactive trust building and effective 2-way communication loops are solution-driven benchmarks this initiative is designed to deliver. 

'See Something / Say Something'
- Homeland Security

Multidisciplinary Partnership for Targeted Intervention

Comprehensive Communication & Trust-Building Strategies
for Houston Communities:

  • African American
  • Asian
  • Latino
  • Middle Eastern
  • Continental African
  • Refugee Communities

In Working Partnerships with:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Resettlement Agencies
  • Caseworkers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Faith Organizations
  • Youth Centers
  • Social Networks
  • Expert Social Scientists
  • Schools of Communication
Crime Victims Not Reporting - Houston Language Bank

If you have an interest in this Initiative:
Executive Director
Glenda Joe