Houston Undercount Surveys

The 20/20 Working Group conducts surveys in targeted language and low-income communities to generate observational data for baseline information to address our Census undercount challenges.

These surveys identify undercount targets and design customized communications strategies to motivate Census response rates.

Our Undercount Survey sampling is focused on capturing baseline data points for potential undercounts and strategic communications planning.  They are not designed as empirical demographic reports.

EXAMPLE: Asian Houstonians / 2017 FEB Survey

2017 FEB Survey

2017 FEB Survey

2017 FEB Survey

2017 FEB Survey

US Census 2012

Houston Area Foreign-Born Populations

Immigrant Houstonians
[Census 2012]
Vietnam  74,000
India 60,000
Philippines  34,000
China 33,000
 Pakistan 26,000
Korea 11,000
Taiwan 11,000

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