Regional Economic Impacts

$120,000 per Person - Not Counted
- Per person $ Loss re Access to Federal Support Due our Region between US Censuses

Impact of our Census Undercounts

Significant Census Undercounts occur in ethnic and racial communities, in immigrant and refugee communities, and in low-income communities.

Up to 55% of Greater Houston's population present at-risk for Census Undercounts.

25% of Greater Houston population is foreign-born.
- Immigrant/Refugee entrepreneurial enterprise/small business starts

30% of Greater Houston population below federal poverty level.
- Low-income neighborhoods & undocumented fearful of police action

20/20 Working Group

Deep Reach Communications Networks
To 'Erase the Undercount', the 20/20 Working Group plan builds trusted, confidential communications networks motivating response connectivity in at-risk undercount communities in our region.  This plan anticipates and corrects for tactical communication deficits prior to federal / local 2020 Census campaigns.

Check Our Census Numbers - 2012

Houston Area Foreign-Born Populations - CENSUS 2012

Immigrant Houstonians
[Census 2012]
All Countries 1,319,000
Mexico 599,000
El Salvador 104,000
Vietnam 74,000
India 60,000
Honduras 45,000
Philippines 34,000
China 33,000
Guatemala 31,000
Pakistan 26,000
Colombia 21,000
Nigeria 20,000
Canada 14,000
Korea 11,000
Taiwan 11,000
Venezuela 11,000

Census Undercount Estimates

The percentage of Census Undercount varies widely among language and low-income groups here.  Some grass-roots policymakers estimate undercounts for some groups may be as high as 50%.

'We don't know what we don't know'. Until our region reports an accurate Census count, we cannot know empirically what we are due in access to federal support, returned and based on the taxes all our residents pay.

Regional Tax Base Indicators - Immigrant Enterprise

Houston Area - Harris, Montgomery & Fort Bend Counties

- 1.4 million Houstonians are foreign born
- Immigrants twice as likely than native-born to start a business


GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
- Immigrant contribution to Houston
$116.5 Billion
- By Immigrants in Houston
$31.8 Billion
- Paid by Immigrants
$2.9 Billion
- Generated by Immigrant Businesses
$2.5 Billion
- Created by Immigrant Enterprise
64,224 Jobs
- % Immigrant Residents
- % Total Population
42.4 %
24.7 %

Houston 2012

Hispanic-Owned Enterprise
- 152,766 Businesses
- 100,395 Employees
$21.3 Billion in Sales
Asian-Owned Enterprise
-  61,304 Businesses
- 114,773 Employees
$25.6 Billion in Sales


Houston's 8 'Fortune 500' firms
- Founded by Immigrant Families
- Global revenue generated
- 125,611 Employees
$282.2 Billion in Sales

U.S. Immigrant Enterprise

  • One in 10 US workers is employed at a US immigrant-owned company
  • Immigrant-owned businesses are 60% more likely to export than native-born firms
  • Immigrant owned firms generated $775 billion in sales & $100+ billion in taxable income (2010)
  • In 7 of the 8 economic sectors predicted for fastest growth in the next decade, immigrants start more than 25% of businesses, while accounting for only 13% of the US population
  • In 31 of the 50 largest US metro areas, immigrants accounted for all the net business growth(2010-2013)

Compiled by Houston Language Bank (OCT 2016) / Glenda Joe, Director
SOURCES: US Census, ACS, Pew Research, Brookings Institute, US Congressional Budget Office, National Association of Counties, Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy, New American Economy
Nonprofit Communications Project
Houston Language Bank / ACSSC, Inc.
Houston / Texas / 77008-1216