How We Deliver Vital Public Information

Houston International Network packages info content for

  • Bulleted info points for basic messaging
  • Streamlined content
  • Translation cost efficiencies
  • Quick & easy readability
  • Easy link forwarding / sharing
  • Easy download PDFs
  • Cost efficient printability for hard copy distribution
  • Response motivation effectiveness

Bilingual Format

  • Side-by-side dual page display English / Bilingual
  • Line-by-line bilingual bullet points
  • Easy info access for bilingual households, businesses
  • English acquisition support for Limited English proficiency

Delivery System

  • Targeted digital transmission
  • Macro-Networks to Micro-Networks to Social Networks
  • Nonprofits & Businesses
  • Volunteer distribution networks

Integrated Feedback Loop

  • Network Partner input for added messaging
  • Network Partner re message reach impact