Partner Benefits


Houston International Network Partners showcase the vitality and can-do spirit of a successfully integrated World City.  The businesses & organizations that join our Network Partnership understand how important it is that the economic enterprise energy of our immigrant communities is enhanced by equal access to vital public information.

Shared information on Public Safety & Public Health reduces the costs of crime and health care for all Houstonians and the City.

It supports Houston's global competitiveness among the top International Cities of the world.

Added Value to Customer / Client Services

Network Partners, in sharing vital public info with language communities they serve, add value to services.  Their brands stand out as stakeholders in the health & safety of their customers and clients.

Brand Recognition & Credit

Houston International Network lists Network Partners on our website.

Network Partners' websites are hyperlinked to Partner List posted on our website.

This is a FREE Service.

Brand Logo Sponsorships

Network Partners that wish to sponsor the work of Houston International Network receive prominent posting of their Brand Logo & Hyperlink on our website for 12 months.


Download the Sponsorship Form (coming soon)