Robbery Prevention

Bilingual - Multilingual Info Product Design & Digital Delivery

PRIORITY:  Critical

Houston Language Bank (HLB) designed and delivered this  Robbery Prevention information for Regional Language Communities.  HLB delivered these bilingual messaging PDF products to our regional communications partners, including in-language media, community organizations and refugee resettlement agencies.

Robbery & Theft are the Most Common Crimes

From petty theft to armed assaults, a single criminal perpetrator can be responsible for scores of crime.  In our Greater Metro Region, these predators look for vulnerable targets like the elderly, women, youngsters and anyone else that is not paying attention to their surroundings.

Houston Language Bank, in response to this growing need, posts bilingual Robbery Prevention information for our Regional Language Communities.

Languages Completed

Vietnamese - Phòng  ngừa  Trộm  Cắp

Chinese - 預防搶劫 須知

Languages in Process

Khmer / Cambodian