Why We Deliver Vital Public Information

Delivery of Vital Public Information is an unmet & ongoing need in the language access plans of our public sector agencies.

Public sector agencies do not have the resources or expertise to deliver the diverse communications needed for the scores of immigrant language communities that populate our region's International profile.

Well-intentioned efforts to translate existing content on government websites and linking PDF full color brochures in 4 or 5 languages, is a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Merely posting translated content on public agency websites assumes our language communities can access and navigate confusing and over-populated website formats.

None of these efforts meets the need to deliver vital public information directly into the hands of at-risk language communities.

Houston International Network's message delivery system breaks the logjam in language access by streamlining content and transmitting the specific vital info in-language directly to targeted language community networks.

Streamlining info content reduces translation costs, making more precious resource dollars available for more languages to be included.

Houston International Network focus on delivery of information addresses the structural deficits of the language access plans currently in place in our public sector agencies.